Sentriss Investments (PTY) LTD

Empowered by dedication


About Us

We started this company because we love what we do and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in many different industries that we feel will benefit our clients.  It is our goal to perform high quality work and to fully satisfy our customers needs.  We have done business around the globe focusing mainly in Africa, Europe and the United States.  With the current economic climate businesses need to be able to adapt fast if they want to survive and prosper. 


Our roots are in trading steel, medical, industrial and chemical products and helping ensure important projects come to fruition on time and under budget.  We can procure any products you may need and have them delivered on schedule.  We have suppliers around the globe that we work closely with to help you get what you need when you need it.  We also enjoy helping governments and private companies with environmental, commercial and public projects that benefit local communities and provide much needed jobs.    



Our company consists of a friendly and highly skilled team of experts.  We perform our work in the most efficient way using the highest standards and best techniques.  We love what we do and are empowered by our dedication to our clients and our work.