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Steel Structures.

CIS Engineering specializes in the manufacturing and installation of superior steel products supporting an impressive range of communication and electrical infrastructure projects.


Substation steelwork

Transmission line monopoles

Distribution poles

Lattice communication towers

Electricity pylons

Lightning conductors

Gantrys and walkways

Foundations and installations

Steel fabrication

Civil engineering


Electricity Pylons


C.I.S has successfully designed and fabricated sectional steel transmission towers for electrification lines up to 400kV. These towers were tested and approved by ESKOM and are successfully utilized by ESKOM in lieu of lattice and concrete structures. This wide range of towers is listed as commodity items with ESKOM National.  Our standard ranges of pylons have been type tested at the ESKOM Tower Testing facilities to validate our designs. Our facilities are extended to incorporate capable and proven engineering facilities to manufacture all supporting structures, platforms, bolts, ladders, brackets, etc. which form part of a complete product.  C.I.S has successfully supplied in excess of 26,000 sectional towers (pylons) to the electrification industries. Out towers are utilized in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Mali, Malawi, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and various other countries in Africa.

Communication Towers


C.I.S designs and manufactures a wide range of communication towers, typically ranging from 10-60m in light, medium and heavy loading ranges. Some 3 000 such structures has been supplied to industries since 1998. Capabilities include manufacturing of tubular and angle-lattice structures.  C.I.S also supplies turnkey services for foundation building and tower erection.


Lattice towers are produced with automated angle processing machinery and high volume, high quality can be achieved.


Materials can be hot dip galvanized to SANS 121 or painted to customer specification.

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cis-sentriss.pdf (1.12MB)