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Steel Utility Poles.

The steel utility pole range was developed for distributing electrical and telecoms services in rural and township applications, typically where wooden poles are currently being used.  The masts are manufactured from thin-walled steel tube with an optimized cross section giving strength where required.  The range is designed in ‘universal’ application style which allows for different configurations of phase carrier and also allows for stay cable attachments (masts are planted). No field modification or adaption is therefore required.



The product has the following advantages when compared to wooden poles:

* No shortages of raw materials.

* Environmental advantage in that critical green plantations are maintained.

* Controlled production process resulting in consistent quality.

* No maintenance during life cycle.

* Veld-fire damage limited.

* Much lighter pole (typically 1/5th of wood) handles much easier with fewer hands.

* Transport advantage gained through lighter, consistently shaped pole.

* No on site drilling or cutting required due to universal preparation.

* Earthing advantage by virtue of steel material.

* More difficult to cut, hence giving anti-theft advantage.


When compared with wooden poles the above realizes a 6% life cycle cost saving up to 25 years and up to 60% if the wooden structures are replaced after 25 years.

Utility Range Brochure
Utility Range Brochure - Sentriss Latest.pdf (549.21KB)
Utility Range Brochure
Utility Range Brochure - Sentriss Latest.pdf (549.21KB)